How Much Do Open Source Companies Influence Each Other?

A few months ago, Red Hat made the decision to restrict it’s source code. As much as it pains Tom to say, he thinks Red Hat was smart to do it, even though its a move thats been fairly unpopular with its own community and users. It proves that Red Hat understands something Tom calls the “Trinity of Open Source”.

Chunga is curious about the impact these decisions will have over other open source projects and companies. Additionally, he wonders how much influence Red Hat actually has in the open source space in todays world. Tom has many opinions and thoughts to answer Chunga’s curiosity about this area.

For years, Red Hat has been the example and model of how open source companies choose to operate. However, as companies have evolved over the years, that may no longer be the case according to Tom.  Why?  Listen now to find out! 

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