How Things Can Still Slip Through the Cracks!

Have you been following the news story about the airplane that lost one of its doors shortly after take off?

Tom has been fascinated with this story.  Chunga has been following it closely, as well. He’s honestly shocked that in todays world, something thats as important to a passenger jet as an air tight door, can fall through the cracks and create a potential tragedy.  Luckily, nobody has hurt, let alone killed. 

Think about it for a minute. All of those check and balances, all of the goverment regulation, all of the human oversight and still…  Tom looks at this scenario much differently and is frankly suprised that in our world, disasters like this don’t happen more!  Especially in our tech industry.  In this episode of The Hacks, Tom and Chunga talk about how to prepare for when-not if-but when something falls through the cracks and what to do when it happens.  They also talk about the tech industry’s acceptance of catasrophic mistakes and how they can be evey bit has tragic as this recent story with the airplane.  Listen NOW!

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