Intelligence Gathering and Tech–Far From Fullproof.

Tom and Chunga are kind of stuck.  Over the weekend, the whole world changed its focus. In light of everything that is currently happening in Israel, they’re having a hard time trying to talk about anything unrelated without sounding incredibly tone-deaf.

Because of this, Tom & Chunga–while being ultra cautious and respectful to those that are suffering–have chosen to talk about something that’s safer. It’s something that Chunga is seeing, and says the media is getting completely wrong. Throughout this tragedy, there have been tons of reports about how this war was started in part due to an “intelligence failure”. Chunga disagrees with this. He says this narrative is highly inaccurate, if not completely wrong altogether.  

Tom, who has a long history as a member of the U.S. intelligence community says Chunga is 100% correct. He believes the media should work harder to understand the complexities of how Governments gather intelligence, in order to better inform the public about how horrors, like the ones we’re all currently seeing can happen; despite the best efforts of extremely smart, hard working, dedicated professionals. In Toms opinion, the attacks that were started in Israel over the weekend were not the result of an intelligence failure, becuase sometimes is not possible to get intelligence to begin with. 

In this episode of The Hacks, Tom talks with Chunga about the differend types and methods governments use to gather intelligence about an enemy, and explains how that information can often times sketchy, incomplete and or completely non-exsistant. 

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