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Apr 9, 2024

Did Open Tofu steal new Terraform code?!

Do you remember a few episodes ago, when Chunga said “The tech industry is terrible at this! We’re the worst I’ve ever seen, in any industry, when it comes to taking 20-steps to do something, when it can be done in two!” This episode of The Hacks, is…


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Jul 5, 2023

Shadow IT Makes the World Turn

Tom and Chunga want to give Derek Ardolf a huge shout out! Recently, Derek requested that The Hacks do an episode focused on “Shadow IT”. Tom loved this idea because shadow IT runs the world! Simply put, the tech industry wouldn’t be able…

Jun 27, 2023

Red Hat To Restrict Source Code Access!

Tom and Chunga have breaking news! Late last week, open source giant Red Hat announced that they have decided to restrict its source code. To say it’s a move that has raised eyebrows around the world, would be an understatement. Before he…

May 9, 2023

Putting the "A.I. Genie" Back In The Bottle

You may have noticed that The Hacks missed an episode last week. We are proud to announce that Tom Hatch and his beautiful wife Melissa have had a baby!! Everyone is doing great and adapting quickly thanks to an abundance of new tech. Now days,…


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Feb 27, 2024

Are Some Tech Companies Too Big Too Fail?

Nividia is big. It’s been really big for a long time. Last week it got even bigger! Nividia had their earnings call late last week and caused quite a stir, in a good way, on Wall Street and it made their stock rise 16% in one day. While…

Feb 20, 2024

Tom & Chunga Are Suckers! So Are YOU!

Its embarassing. Did you see the recent story about how hackers turned 3 million toothbrushes into a botnet in order to steal a bunch of money from people in Europe? Lots and lots of people including Tom and Chunga saw this story and thought it…

Feb 13, 2024

The World Needs More GOOD Hackers!

Recently, Chunga was talking with a guy in his teens who was really struggling, and having a hard time with some life and career choices. To many, it appeared that he had simply given up on his interests and goals. During his discussion, Chunga…

Feb 6, 2024

Volt Typhoon and Why You Should Be Very Afraid!

Chunga is thinking there is going to be a prominent theme for the 2024 season of The Hacks. Last week, the FBI and additional government agencies, announced an imminent attack on United States infrastructure and corporate entities. The group…

Jan 30, 2024

How Things Can Still Slip Through the Cracks!

Have you been following the news story about the airplane that lost one of its doors shortly after take off? Tom has been fascinated with this story. Chunga has been following it closely, as well. He’s honestly shocked that in todays world,…

Jan 23, 2024

The Ridiculous Uptick In Corporate Cyberattacks

Typically, when Tom accurately predicts the outcome of a large event or the large event itself, Chunga will tactfully remind everyone that Tom had previously said something was going to happen. This time however, he feels that Tom really does need to…