Putting the “A.I. Genie” Back In The Bottle

You may have noticed that The Hacks missed an episode last week.  We are proud to announce that Tom Hatch and his beautiful wife Melissa have had a baby!! Everyone is doing great and adapting quickly thanks to an abundance of new tech. Now days, even baby stuff is loaded with crazy new tech!

Technology is moving fast, everybody knows this. There a growing number of innovators and thinkers that believe it’s moving way too fast, especially when it comes to A.I.. Jeffery Hinton is one of these people.  He’s considered to be the “Godfather of A.I.” and he just resigned from Google in order to speak out against his own creation. He says he regrets his entire life’s work.  He also says the world needs to slow down and treat A.I. with extreme caution.

What do Tom and Chunga think?  Do they agree? Are these brilliant innovators right, and we’re headed for disaster at the hands of A.I.? Listen NOW to find out!

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