Red Hat, HashiCorp Fallout and The Future of Open Source.

In this episode of The Hacks, Chunga wants to talk with Tom about what he calls “the open source elephant in the room”.  Recently, there’s been a dramatic shift in the way open source software is licensed, funded and consumed.

A few weeks ago, Red Hat announced a decision to start restricting their source code. Now, just last week, HashiCorp is going to change their licensing model to the business source license!  When Tom heard this news, the only thing he said was “I told you so”. 

Why are these two companies, and so many others, choosing to change their licensing and source code access?  Will the same thing happen to Salt?  Tom has a very clear explination about why this is happening, and why it’s happening right now. He says it all comes down to a couple of simple open source catagorizations and corporate expectations.  Listen NOW to find out what they are!

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