Red Hat To Restrict Source Code Access!

Tom and Chunga have breaking news! 

Late last week, open source giant Red Hat announced that they have decided to restrict its source code. To say it’s a move that has raised eyebrows around the world, would be an understatement.

Before he invented Salt, Tom was a Red Hat wizard, who would fly around the country, teaching people how to use Red Hat for Linux. He says this is something that Red Hat has been wanting to do for a very long time. So, why did they do it?  

Tom says there’s a variety of reasons. In the short term, all of them will benefit Red Hat, even though thousands and thousands of companies and community members are going to feel like the rug has been pulled out from under them. When all of this shakes out, how angry are Red Hat open source users going to be? Has Red Hat just opened the door to new breed of competitors as a result of this decision?  Listen to this episode to find out!!

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