Shadow IT Makes the World Turn

Tom and Chunga want to give Derek Ardolf a huge shout out!  Recently, Derek requested that The Hacks do an episode focused on “Shadow IT”. 

Tom loved this idea because shadow IT runs the world! Simply put, the tech industry wouldn’t be able to function without it, and that’s NOT a good thing.  If you’re not familiar with the term, shadow IT is a piece of software that used or deployed with in a company’s infrastructure without having vetting, approval, or tracking. Tech professionals frequently deploy shadow IT because they need a specific tool that helps them meet a deadline and/or accomplish a team goal quickly.  They choose this action primarily because the corporate vetting and approval process for new software addition can take months.

Tom says 90% of all shadow IT is open source and–like it or not–is a key component to accomplishing tasks in a corporate environment.  At the same time its a massive problem and a critical risk to any corporate infrastructure. So… how does one find a solution to this issue?  Listen NOW to find out!

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