Tech + Hollywood = BIG problems (Part 1)

Tom and Chunga spent last week hanging out in Utah, with the entire Salt Project Core Team! They had a fantastic week and both of them are very excited all the amazing things that are coming soon for Salt Project!

While they were in Utah, discussing all things Salt, there were some big events unfolding in Hollywood. In short, everyone has gone on strike!  Some of you may think, so what!  Whats the big deal? I work in tech, why does that have anything to do with me? In truth, Hollywoods problems are also a huge issue for everyone in tech as well! The tech industry is actually one of the main reasons everyone is one strike. 

If the actor and writer strikes continue for a prolonged period of time, could tech jobs and company stability be negatively impacted? Tom says ABSOLUTELY, especially when talking about the video game industry and media/streaming companies.  Listen to this episode of The Hacks to find out how, and when, the strike will start to affect the world and industry of tech!

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