Tech + Hollywood = BIG Problems (Part 2)

For the record, Tom and Chunga are not fans of two part episodes.  Unfortunately this Hollywood strike issue is so big, and impacts the tech industry in a large enough way that it requires two episodes just to cover the main concerns!

In part two, Tom and Chunga are talking about Hollywood’s extreme worry over A.I. and Chat GPT. On one side, you have the movie exec’s that love it, because it’s fast and really cheap. On the other side, you have the actors and writers who HATE it. They’re afraid its going to cost them jobs. Because of this, A.I. and Chat GPT are two of the core issues of the strike. 

Are writers and actors right to be fearful? Tom says “well–kind of”. There are many areas where A.I. is going to become common place in film making and it could end up costing people their jobs.  Thats assuming Hollywood will use A.I. the right way, which they won’t.  

So, is Hollywoods fear of A.I. going to create a long lasting, negative impact in the tech industry?  Listen to this episode of The Hacks to find out!

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