The Open Source Licensing Mess. How Did We Get Here?!?

There’s been a ton of craziness in the open source space lately. In the last episode of The Hacks, Tom and Chunga were talking about the fallout from Red Hat and HashiCorp making changes to their source code access, and licensing. During that episode, Chunga asked the question, “How did we get into this mess in the first place?!” Well, in this episode of The Hacks, Tom has the answer in the form an open source history lesson!

Back in 2008, something insane happened that kicked off a fundamental shift in the way open source software was funded, viewed and ultimately developed. What is it?  What happened? Here’s a hint–It was the first time an open source company was acquired for a ridiculously large amount of money.  This acquisition changed the very fabric of open source!  Listen NOW to learn how! 


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