The Ridiculous Uptick In Corporate Cyberattacks

Typically, when Tom accurately predicts the outcome of a large event or the large event itself, Chunga will tactfully remind everyone that Tom had previously said something was going to happen. This time however, he feels that Tom really does need to celebrate and take a victory lap, which he would indeed do, if the circumstances weren’t so dire. 

About a year ago, as conflicts around the world were starting to intensify, Tom said there would also be a “ridiculous uptick in corporate, and financial institution cyberattacks”. These attacks would nation states and Russia, in particular.

Did you hear the news last week about J.P. Morgan & Chase? They’ve revealed that they’re currently dealing with billions of cyberattacks, every day–every, single, day. In this episode of The Hacks, Tom and Chunga talk about why and how these attacks on financial institutions in particular are happening, how thousands of top-teir SecOps professionals are defending against them, and what our world will look like if they fail. Are we, as an industry, doing enough to keep defending against attacks of this volume? Listen now to find out?

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