Tom Hatch Exits Broadcom, But Will Stay With Salt Forever!

One thing that’s constant in life is change… It’s been a bittersweet few days to say the least.  In this episode of The Hacks, Tom Hatch, the creator of Salt, talks with Chunga about the changes taking place in his life and announces his exit from Broadcom.  Yep, the time has come for Tom to explore some new opportunities!  In this episode of The Hacks, Tom wants to share his love, and gratitude for everyone thats been a part of this amazing adventure, including everyone in the Salt Project community. He also wants to talk about whats on the horizon! 

Fans of The Hacks can rest easy! One things for sure, Tom and Chunga are going to continue to do The Hacks, and talk about all things tech, every single Tuesday!

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