Toms Love of Quantum Computing!

WOW!  The Hacks has been extra technical lately!  With all the drama surrounding changes to open source licensing at HashiCorp, and source code restricitions at Red Hat, recent Hacks episodes have been…well, complex and heavy.  Tom and Chunga would like to lighten things up a bit.  Maybe have an episode thats more light hearted and fun!  Tom has the perfect topic to talk about, Quantum Resistant Cryptography and Quantum Computing! (Chunga starts to “ugly cry”).

Tom loves quantum computing and is surprised how little its understood by professionals within the tech space.  In this episode of The Hacks, he’s going to show everyone (including Chunga) how easy quantum computing actually is!  Tom says it represents a wholesale shift in modern day computing. Not only that, he’s saying it will be much sooner than people think!  

How soon?  How big?  Listen to this episode to find out!!


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