Video Game Emulators Are In BIG Trouble!

Tom is THRILLED!!! KDE 6 is out! (crickets). Sorry Tom, nobody cares. 

Is that what Tom and Chunga are talking about today?  KDE 6? Uh… No.  Chunga doesn’t really care either.

Instead, they’re talking about something everyone loves, video games! More specifically, video game emulators. Tom & Chunga are both big fans of emulators & have owned them for years. However, they both have a rule, they don’t have a video game on an emulator unless they’ve already purchased it at some point.  Historically, game emulators have somehow managed to recieve a substantial amount of legal protection, but a new lawsuit may change all of that.

Nintendo has just filed suit against a popular video game emulator called Yuzu.  Do you own one? According to Chunga, unlike other emulator companies, Yuzu is in serious trouble. Tom doesn’t disagree. Why?  How is it that Yuzu can be in serious legal trouble, while others have been able to not only survive law suits, but set legal precedence as well?  

Listen NOW to find out!

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