What Is DBOS? Will It Change Infrastructure Forever?

Chunga noticed somehting recently, and he’s wondering if it’s symptomatic of a larger problem. A few weeks ago, a video game emulator company called “Yuzu” was sued by Nintendo. Yuzu folded and disappeared almost immediately. Since then, several other emulator makers have done the same thing.  Many of them have scattered to the four winds! Unfortunately, Chunga is seeing more and more of this type of thing when it applys to other open source companies as well.

Tom says Chunga’s observation is spot on, and it’s a huge problem, a scary problem that will have far reaching impact in the world of open source. In fact, Tom is particularly worried about same thing, but from an infrastructure perspective. Infrastructure? Why? It seems to Chunga that infrastructure is on the rebound with more and more companies choosing to move away from the cloud. 

Tom is deeply interested in something called DBOS, or Data Base Operating System. He says its brand new, and REALLY weird. It doesn’t use the Linux kernel, and… it’s in the cloud. Is this a revolutionary game changer? Tom doesn’t know for sure, but he thinks it has the potential due to the fact that open source has always struggled to solve the “Last Mile” problem. Also, smaller open source operations are disappearing at a record rate, while the larger open source organizations are choosing to go “Proprietary”.  

Then… Tom drops a bombshell on Chunga with a huge rumor thats looking more and more real by the day!  What is it?  Listen NOW to find out!!

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