What is LK-99 and Why Are People Freaking Out!?

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Tom and Chunga almost have too much to talk about, and they don’t know where to start! Tom says they should start with what he thinks is the biggest, most important, potentially life changing thing that’s happening right now. It’s behing called LK-99. 

What’s LK-99 you ask? Well, Tom says it may very well be the biggest breakthrough in modern science since the transistor, maybe even bigger than that–IF it’s real. A few weeks ago, scientists in South Korea claimed to have discovered the technology to create a super conductor that can operate at room tempature and generates almost no resistance or heat! Again, if this thing is legit, it will virtually everything about the way modern society lives and operates.  Listen to this episode of The Hacks to learn all about LK-99 and all of the amazing claims that are being made. Do Tom and Chunga think it’s for real?  What about you?  Let us know!

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