The SaltConf18 call for speakers

April 5, 2018 - Rhett Glauser
SaltConf18 Call for speakers

SaltConf18 call for speakers

Wait. Wasn’t SaltConf17 just last week? Oh yeah…that was last October. It seems too soon but the reality is it is that time of year again and preparations for SaltConf18 are underway. SaltConf18 will be held in Salt Lake City, from Sept. 10 – 13. We’ve had many of you already ask when the SaltConf18 call for speakers will open. The answer? It is open now.

As always we are looking for the best speakers with the most compelling SaltStack use cases and case studies. Submit a proposal to speak at SaltConf18, the fifth annual SaltStack user conference. Selected talks will be scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday, September 12-13 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Deadline for speaker submissions is Friday, April 27 May 11.

We are looking for the best Salt Open use cases and SaltStack Enterprise case studies.¬†Your submission doesn’t have to be perfect, if selected we’ll refine it with you. That said, we can’t and won’t be able to accept all talk proposals so make sure to submit your proposals quickly and on time. Additional, preferential consideration will be given to:

  • Speakers who contribute any element of diversity to the SaltConf18 experience. If you are an underrepresented person in tech, please learn more about the SaltConf18 Diversity Scholarships.
  • Speakers who promote their submission via social media using the hashtag #SaltConf18
  • Speakers who we haven’t heard from before

If a talk is accepted, speakers will receive a complimentary SaltConf18 main conference pass. All speakers must adhere to the SaltConf18 code of conduct.

We are looking for SaltStack Enterprise and Salt Open case studies and use cases on the following topics:

– Intelligent, event-driven automation
– Security vulnerability remediation and policy audit and compliance
– Software-defined data center systems including networks and storage
– Complex, large-scale deployments or implementations
– Multi-cloud orchestration, configuration and control
– What SaltStack configuration management means to you
– How you use SaltStack for more than just configuration management
– DevOps orchestration and task automation
– SaltStack performance, efficiency and / or ROI benchmarks
– Unique SaltStack use cases (e.g. Internet of things (IoT); Serverless; etc.)

Feel free to ask questions about the conference or the call for speakers by contacting us at