Salt v3000.x Soon Exiting Phase 3 Support: Upgrade Now!

August 12, 2021 - Bryce Larson

Salt v3000.x will exit Phase 3 Support and go into Extended life support on August 31, 2021, as published on Platform Lifecycle Support.

What does this mean for Salt v3000.x?

“During extended life support, Salt Project will not release any point releases. Users will still have access to any documentation. Salt Project will provide ongoing best-effort technical support for customers on existing installations. No bug fixes, security fixes, improved functionality, or root-cause analysis will be provided.”

To stay up-to-date, upgrade as soon as possible and migrate to Python 3. Any Security releases after August 31, 2021, will only be for versions greater than or including v3001.x. This is especially the case for users of the Python 2 version of Salt v3000.x, as it is the last major version to support Python 2 (also EOL).

Docs will be moved: ->

Packages will move from their respective locations on to the same location on

The bootstrap stable release will default to installing python3 versions of salt: