Vote now for speakers at OpenStack Summit Paris

August 6, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

Vote now for speakers at OpenStack Summit Paris

Open Stack Summit Eiffel tower

Going to OpenStack Summit Paris this November? Want to learn more about how SaltStack can be used to deploy and automate all the OpenStack things? Click here to vote and help select which presentations make the final cut for OpenStack Summit.
Here are some of our favorites:
TCP Cloud – Jakub Pavlik and Ales Komarek – From DevStack to HA Stack with SaltStack:
When configuring and operating TCP Cloud services became unmanageable and more automation was needed, we turned to SaltStack and created formulas for both low-level functions (MySQL Galera cluster, RabbitMQ cluster and Corosync / Pacemaker cluster) and more advanced functions for core OpenStack components. We are now able to manage multiple environments with a single SaltStack Master to clearly separate production and development environments, and for continuous integration. This allowed us to deploy a virtual all-in-one instance like DevStack, or several HA controllers with a variable component setup for network, storage, etc.

HP Cloud Services – Simon McCartney and Mick Gregg – CI/CD Pipeline to Deploy and Maintain an OpenStack IaaS Cloud:
Simon and Mick administer an OpenStack IaaS cloud. To make things easier, they developed a release train allowing local development and testing of configuration management, testing in virtualised environments and automated deployment to staging and production, for the building and maintenance of an IaaS cloud using upstream vendor OpenStack packages. Key elements of the approach are the use of vendor packages for OpenStack (Ubuntu); configuration management (SaltStack); unit testing of configuration management (Test Kitchen with Kitchen-salt); Git, Gerrit and Gitshelf for source control management, peer review and packaging from Git repos; volatile local development and remote test environments using Vagrant and Salt Cloud; and automated testing, packaging and deployment with the aid of Jenkins.

TCP Cloud – Jakub Pavlik and Adam Skotnicky – Take OpenStack Networking HA and Performance to the Next Level with OpenContrail:
TCP Cloud provisions enterprise class virtual private cloud using OpenStack and OpenContrail on top of IBM BladeCenter and Storwize in one of the most advanced data centers in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). SaltStack is used for all deployment and automated operations for the TCP Cloud OpenStack environment. The talk will also discuss the benefits of service virtualization (or network function virtualization) to deploy load balancing and anti-DDoS services more efficiently in cloud environments.

Voting closes at 11:59pm CDT on Aug 6, so hurry!