Webinar: Continuous compliance for highly regulated infrastructure at Cyxtera

May 17, 2019 - Kendall Lovett

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Cyxtera provides secure and efficient digital infrastructure to federal agencies and other businesses deploying highly regulated infrastructure. Attend this webinar to learn how Cyxtera uses SaltStack SecOps to automate continuous compliance with custom and industry-standard security policies.

Zach Hilliard, Cyxtera director of site reliability engineering, said, “SaltStack SecOps gives our security and site reliability teams the ability to efficiently tackle the difficult task of achieving continuous infrastructure compliance across 55 world-class data centers. SaltStack compliance scanning and automated remediation will help Cyxtera certification processes and ultimately deliver powerful, secure IT infrastructure to our demanding customers.”

Said Hilliard: “SRE is tasked with providing infrastructure to services. So all of the products–the hardware, the software, networking and all that that’s going on inside the data center has to run on something somewhere and be managed by someone. Our goal from the SRE team is to help shift as much of the workload as is logical to the left, and shifting left means that I allow the developers day one to be able to run an environment that feels like production. I don’t make them have to think about how does infrastructure come about. (As a developer) I just have to worry about how my app runs.”

Join Zach and Johnny Cook, Cyxtera service reliability engineer, on this webinar to learn the details of how they are doing it.

You can also read the SaltStack customer success white paper with Cyxtera for more on successful network automation within highly regulated infrastructure environments.

Watch the webinar