Webinar: Escaping Compliance Hell with SaltStack Intelligent IT Automation

April 30, 2019 - Kendall Lovett

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Alex Peay, SaltStack VP of product, gets to meet with IT and security teams of all shapes and sizes. When he asks these teams how they maintain security and compliance, the usual response involves a mix of disconnected systems, processes, and priorities that typically deliver less-than-satisfactory outcomes. Why is the de-facto state of securing IT infrastructure often so misguided and unnecessarily painful? Why is escaping Compliance Hell so difficult?

Join Alex as he outlines a plan to help even the most tortured IT and security teams as they’re escaping Compliance Hell. This webinar will include tips and best practices that any organization can apply—plus a look at SaltStack SecOps, a new solution for continuous compliance detection and remediation at any scale or complexity.

As Alex Peay puts it: “How do the security and operations teams meet their goal of supporting the business without creating unacceptable risk, either on the security side or on the operations side? Now, from our point of view, the answer is simple: these teams have a shared common goal and to succeed they need to work together.”

Says Peay: “What we’ve seen is that a lot of times that’s just not happening. And whether that’s because of the structure of the organization or just because of the different tools that they’re using, there’s a lot of disconnects that ultimately lead to friction and pain.

“As we define the ‘Compliance Hell’ notion, the way we view it is that the fiction or the stress is what takes a workplace from being somewhere you enjoy going every day to a place that feels like hell. You’re stressed out; you don’t look forward to going to work. And it’s because you’re not empowered enough to be successful at what you do.”

Watch the webinar