Webinar: Event-Driven Network Security & Control at IBM

February 7, 2019 - Kendall Lovett

Watch the webinar

Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how the network team at IBM Cloud uses SaltStack event-driven network security and SecOps best practices to increase operational efficiency, enhance visibility into current state, streamline deployments, and to proactively and reactively secure network infrastructure. Cisco, a primary networking vendor for IBM Cloud, will join the webinar to share its contributions to the project’s success through a native integration between Cisco NX-OS and SaltStack network automation. Learn how an event-driven approach to software-defined networking provides unparalleled control and security at scale for enterprise network operations teams.

Speaking of IBM’s large and global network infrastructure, IBM network developer Nathan Newton says that the pace at which IBM needed to build out the network led to a lot of technical debt. “We got to a point where we needed to go back and take care of some of this, to maintain some of our older data centers and bring them up into line with the newer ones, and that’s when we started looking at Salt. Now normally you’re looking at Salt to manage server and things you can install a minion on. The proxy minion is really key for us–it allows you to connect to devices that you can’t put a minion on, like most networking devices. From Salt’s perspective, there’s no difference between having a minion or having a proxy minion, so we gained all the capabilities of Salt to manage our network devices.”

Says Newton, “Getting the proxy minions and having Salt allows us to tell the network how it should be and, when it’s not configured the way it should be, Salt can go in and remediate that. So it gives us the ability to centrally manage all the devices and programatically configure them–and get out of the business of having network engineers log in to devices individually to run commands.”