Webinar: SaltStack SecOps for Vulnerability Remediation Overview

September 26, 2019 - Kendall Lovett

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Earlier this year SaltStack launched a continuous compliance module that revolutionized the SecOps industry by allowing security and operations team to define CIS-certified policies, scan systems against them, and automatically remediate. Next month SaltStack will be launching its next game-changing SecOps module for vulnerability remediation. Read and watch for the complete vulnerability remediation overview.

SaltStack SecOps can automatically remediate policy violations detected anywhere in your systems. It can also create jobs for review and approval before changes are executed. SaltStack SecOps integrates with third-party systems like ServiceNow for change tracking and reporting.

In this webinar we will discuss and demo the new module. We’ll cover how SaltStack SecOps allows IT and Security teams to:

  • natively scan for over 20,000 CVEs (native in SaltStack, no scanning tool required!)
  • prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity and risk
  • use intelligent automation to remediate faster, more efficiently, and more often
  • integrate and orchestrate security workflows with existing tools

Mehul Revankar, senior director of product, asks “How do you get SecOps and IT Ops teams to collaborate? We believe it should be less reports and more remediation. A solution should allow both the security ops and IT ops teams to collaborate and remediate things instead of just passing reports back and forth and running long lists of manual commands that are supposed to get things fixed. It should facilitate more infrastructure automation and increased team collaboration.”

Revankar further notes that “We know from Gartner that 99% of exploited vulnerabilities occurred on misconfigured or non-compliant systems due to known issues. These are configuration issues and vulnerabilities that have existed for a long time. Human error has led to a 424% increase in misconfigured cloud services.

“It’s with this in mind that we built our SaltStack SecOps solution.”

The webinar also covers vulnerability remediation overview, pricing, availability, and how you can get early access to the vulnerability remediation beta.

Watch the webinar