Webinar: Software-Defined Networks with intelligent automation

January 24, 2019 - Kendall Lovett

Enterprise networks are evolving. Businesses today are demanding speed, scale, and connectivity that yesterday’s network architecture simply can’t deliver. The challenge is that most enterprise networks are made up of a broad mix of hardware, software, and virtualized components that can make delivering the promise SDN seem out of reach. In this webinar, SaltStack Principal Engineer C.R. Oldham and SaltStack Customer Success Engineer Patrick Moffitt will detail how network professionals of all skill levels use SaltStack to manage and secure massive networks and apply SecOps automation to SDN.

Patrick Moffitt notes that “there’s a conventional wisdom that on the application server side of information systems we need to become OK with the idea that everything fails all the time and we’ve learned to protect ourselves—dynamic DNS, load balancer, things of that nature—but we don’t really make that same acknowledgement when we’re talking about network teams. We’re kind of expected as network people to maintain continuous network connectivity—we’re pretty much not supposed to have any network downtime.

“As a result there’s a lot of pressure on network teams that moves toward prioritizing network uptime. We lose sight of consistency or even old-fashioned housekeeping just because the risk of downtime tends to be a lot larger. To that end, Salt gives us a lot of opportunities to coordinate changes to a lot of different devices compared to a manual process, that would be more along the lines of logging into every single device and handling some specific task, and doing all of that in series. We can do all of that in parallel.

“It does a good job of taking physical networks into acting a whole lot more like a software-defined network.

“In that sense we can manage things on a single framework and have all of those things in line and acting the way we want them to.”

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