What is XOps?

May 6, 2020 - Rhett Glauser

Sometimes you just need to make up a word. We recently took the liberty of doing just that with the word, “XOps.” So of course you are probably wondering, “What is XOps?”

We should first make it clear why we felt we needed to further contribute to the jargony, acronym-laden, word-mashup mess that is the technology industry. We’re sorry but we had to. Unless anybody has a good catch-all, umbrella term to describe the generalized operations of all IT disciplines and responsibilities, then we stand by our new word – XOps.

“XOps” is now a word.

There’s a pretty good reason for this. Today we announced the first ever version of The State of XOps Report. The Q2 2020 edition of this report focuses on data gathered from a SaltStack-commissioned survey run by an independent market research firm asking a random sample of 130 verified InfoSec and IT leaders questions to essentially understand, “Why can’t SecOps teams simply secure IT?”

The key findings in this report provide insight into the similarities and differences between IT operations and security teams and provides some insights into what can be done to get these two teams on the same page to more effectively secure IT infrastructure.

While this quarter’s report focuses on the interplay between SecOps teams, the next State of XOps Report will focus on a slightly different aspect of IT organization dynamics and team alignment. Whether it is DevOps, CloudOps, NetOps, SecOps, or pure ITOps, SaltStack has a vested interest in helping IT teams automate as much of the work of IT as is possible, and to help the often disparate teams within enterprise IT communicate better and collaborate more.

The reality is, development, security, networking, and cloud functions and teams must be integrated with and supported by IT operations to be efficiently maintained, secure, and reliable. For example, software development is futile without an operations team to put and keep code reliably in production. Security is a paper tiger without an IT operations team to remediate, patch, and enforce security recommendations.

Sign up here to get access to “The State of XOps Report, Q2 2020 – SecOps Teams Must Automate and Align.” It is a five-page infographic (this too was a made up word at one point…looking at you Merriam-Webster) with salient data nuggets that will have you shaking your head in knowing agreement regardless of whether you align with the security or the IT operations side of the house.

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Now go drop “XOps” into a sentence for your CIO and get all the respect and admiration you deserve. For your safety, we do not recommend using “XOps” with anybody who even remotely resembles Brent Geller from the Phoenix Project or anybody who has the letters “SRE” in their title.

The State of XOps Report, Q2 2020