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Nov 28, 2023

The Hacks 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are here!! Tom and Chunga couldn’t be more excited and they’re proud to present The Hacks 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! Are you looking for techie gadgets and gifts for family members, co-workers, bosses, or maybe your own employees? If…


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Jul 5, 2023

Shadow IT Makes the World Turn

Tom and Chunga want to give Derek Ardolf a huge shout out! Recently, Derek requested that The Hacks do an episode focused on “Shadow IT”. Tom loved this idea because shadow IT runs the world! Simply put, the tech industry wouldn’t be able…

Jun 27, 2023

Red Hat To Restrict Source Code Access!

Tom and Chunga have breaking news! Late last week, open source giant Red Hat announced that they have decided to restrict its source code. To say it’s a move that has raised eyebrows around the world, would be an understatement. Before he…

May 9, 2023

Putting the "A.I. Genie" Back In The Bottle

You may have noticed that The Hacks missed an episode last week. We are proud to announce that Tom Hatch and his beautiful wife Melissa have had a baby!! Everyone is doing great and adapting quickly thanks to an abundance of new tech. Now days,…


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Aug 29, 2023

Long Term Maintainership and Consortium Forking

Open Source madness continues! With all of the changes taking place within a few of the worlds largest open source offerings, many are starting to ask lots of questions. A bunch of those questions are about long term maintainership and how their…

Aug 24, 2023

The Open Source Licensing Mess. How Did We Get Here?!?

There’s been a ton of craziness in the open source space lately. In the last episode of The Hacks, Tom and Chunga were talking about the fallout from Red Hat and HashiCorp making changes to their source code access, and licensing. During that episode,…

Aug 22, 2023

Red Hat, HashiCorp Fallout and The Future of Open Source.

In this episode of The Hacks, Chunga wants to talk with Tom about what he calls “the open source elephant in the room”. Recently, there’s been a dramatic shift in the way open source software is licensed, funded and consumed. A few weeks ago,…

Aug 8, 2023

What is LK-99 and Why Are People Freaking Out!?

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Tom and Chunga almost have too much to talk about, and they don’t know where to start! Tom says they should start with what he thinks is the biggest, most important, potentially life changing thing that’s…

Aug 1, 2023

Are New Computers Boring?

When Chunga was a kid, he was the biggest computer geek he knew. Tom (obviously) was exactly the same way. They used to love the days when new computers would hit the market so they could get one, and mod the crap out of it! In todays world,…

Jul 25, 2023

Tech + Hollywood = BIG Problems (Part 2)

For the record, Tom and Chunga are not fans of two part episodes. Unfortunately this Hollywood strike issue is so big, and impacts the tech industry in a large enough way that it requires two episodes just to cover the main concerns! In part…