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Jul 9, 2024

Companies use RTO to hide layoffs?!?

Tom is taking a much needed break. Before he left on his extended holiday, he and Chunga had a chat about the decline of remote work in the tech space. This is one of those rare subjects of which Tom and Chunga passionately disagree.Recently, it…


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Jul 5, 2023

Shadow IT Makes the World Turn

Tom and Chunga want to give Derek Ardolf a huge shout out! Recently, Derek requested that The Hacks do an episode focused on “Shadow IT”. Tom loved this idea because shadow IT runs the world! Simply put, the tech industry wouldn’t be able…

Jun 27, 2023

Red Hat To Restrict Source Code Access!

Tom and Chunga have breaking news! Late last week, open source giant Red Hat announced that they have decided to restrict its source code. To say it’s a move that has raised eyebrows around the world, would be an understatement. Before he…

May 9, 2023

Putting the "A.I. Genie" Back In The Bottle

You may have noticed that The Hacks missed an episode last week. We are proud to announce that Tom Hatch and his beautiful wife Melissa have had a baby!! Everyone is doing great and adapting quickly thanks to an abundance of new tech. Now days,…


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Apr 2, 2024

XZ Backdoor CVE Targets Linux!!

Tom and Chunga have a good one for you today! Late last week, news broke that an extremely dangerous backdoor CVE, built within the XZ compression library had compromised Linux Debian Unstable and Fedora 40-41. Fortunately, was discovered…

Mar 26, 2024

Another One Bites The Dust!

Tom tells people a lot… a lot. When you choose to pick up or “adopt” open source software, you take on a certain level of liability. If you choose to deploy open source software into your infrastructure you run the risk of that software going away!…

Mar 19, 2024

What Is DBOS? Will It Change Infrastructure Forever?

Chunga noticed somehting recently, and he’s wondering if it’s symptomatic of a larger problem. A few weeks ago, a video game emulator company called “Yuzu” was sued by Nintendo. Yuzu folded and disappeared almost immediately. Since then, several other…

Mar 12, 2024

AMD & Intel Have An Open Source Answer to CUDA!

Score another one for Tom Hatch! He and Chunga have been trying to get to this episode for weeks! As all of you know, Nvidia is king. At the first of the year, Tom said that if AMD and Intel wanted to have any hope being…

Mar 5, 2024

Video Game Emulators Are In BIG Trouble!

Tom is THRILLED!!! KDE 6 is out! (crickets). Sorry Tom, nobody cares. Is that what Tom and Chunga are talking about today? KDE 6? Uh… No. Chunga doesn’t really care either. Instead, they’re talking about something everyone loves,…

Feb 27, 2024

Are Some Tech Companies Too Big Too Fail?

Nividia is big. It’s been really big for a long time. Last week it got even bigger! Nividia had their earnings call late last week and caused quite a stir, in a good way, on Wall Street and it made their stock rise 16% in one day. While…